3 ways to lose weight without a diet

After losing over 10kg during 2014, people ask me what the secret is. Thing is, there really isn't a secret to tell. I wanted to put some top tips together for staying on track, but also wanted to share with you what I believe is the reason I actually managed to do this in the first place.

1.When I lost weight, it wasn't a diet I went on.

Okay, so this is probably the biggie. I didn't diet. I didn't 'restrict' myself. I completely changed the way I thought about food. Traditionally, we think of the word diet to mean a controlled, considered, monitoring calories, fat, carbohydrate, protein, Glycemic Index, sugar or whatever the latest craze is.

I will absolutely admit that to start with, all I knew was I wanted to lose weight. I had little idea about portion sizes, how much I really needed to eat each day to lose weight, and how much filled me up.

When you start out, weigh stuff. You'll soon figure out that what you thought was a perfectly okay size portion is double what you we're thinking you we're having!

If you're anything like I was, you will just pour out cereal into the bowl until it looks full enough. I had no idea if it was 40 grams or 400 grams. I was probably eating double portion sizes.

I was eating crap. Total crap. Crisps, bread, mayonnaise, butter, chocolate, biscuits. Just processed crap. Largely, I cut out all the things I couldn't pronounce. I made my own soups (I started my weight loss in the depths of a Geordie winter). Some people do similar things, and call this eating clean - it means different things to different people. For me it meant my weekly shop dropped to 30 for two people each week. Fruit, veg, homemade meals, taking cow's milk out of the equation and not eating meat.

2. I educated myself about nutrition.

So, the reason I don't feel like I dieted, is that I really didn't want to FEEL like I was dieting! As stupid as this sounds, if you want to change yourself forever, you have to change yourself forever .

I spent a lot of time when I was off work over the Christmas of 2013 watching lots of YouTube videos.

A lot of time.

In a lot of the videos, people we're talking about their weight loss with a particular diet, raspberry ketones, atkins, juicing etc. I knew that I really just wanted to make a longer lasting, more permanent change.

I came across this YouTube video about portion sizes which helped me to see that I was probably overeating at every meal time. Because I continually ate more than I was burning up with exercise, I had gained weight.

A portion of food, should be the size of your fist. Getting used to it takes time, and you may eat more often than normal, but this will keep hunger at bay and help your stomach from being so over inflated.

3.I made exercise a habit.

As much as I know you didn't want to hear this one, it's true. I got my ass off the sofa, and started to do Insanity with the bloke, after work, each day. Once we almost killed ourselves, we needed to switch to something more sustainable. So we went to the gym.

That's right. With my free time which would otherwise be spent in front of the TV, or playing on my phone, I went to the gym.

I sometimes even got my bag together the night before (but most often I ended up wearing the clothes I wore the previous evening). Lucky I don't actually sweat that much when I exercise!

Start small. 10 mins on this, 10 mins on that.

Intervals. do a minute of higher intensity, then a minute of lower intensity. Gradually you'll notice you're getting fitter and not needing the whole minute to recover. Once you do, rack it up a notch and keep going for 10 seconds longer, with 10 seconds less rest.

Introduce weights.

Yeah, that's right. Weights. Real ones.

I didn't know what I was doing. Luckily, the other half did know what he was doing, but what came in really useful was an awesome blog from this lady called Nia Shanks - it's called'Lift like a Girl'. It's fantastic. Don't be afraid of muscles. They look hot.

You'll make mistakes by the way. You'll order pizza, eat it, and feel horrific. You'll skip the gym and miss it. You'll skip the gym and be glad you did. You'll appreciate treats more.

You soon realize that just as you are the sum of your experiences, you are also the result of every small decision you make.

Every time you choose something healthier when you could have chosen crap, every time you choose water over a fizzy drink, every time you skip the added sugar in your tea, remember where you want to get to. Think how good you will feel when you achieve your goals.

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