Perfect Solution and the Story Behind the Story

I have a busy life. I have a happy marriage and five young children. All those people means lots of big meals, with the resulting dishes, big laundry piles, lots of beds to make, and lots of people to love and nurture. It's enough to make anyone tired, right?

Crazy Ellis kids, plus a favorite cousin, on a recent Sunday afternoon outing. Yes, they keep me busy! That's why I want to be healthy!

That's what I used to tell myself.

I also have worked from home for the better part of my years as a mother. I stumbled into a job editing a local magazine published by my extended family, which my mother-in-law started as a way to provide income to the women in the family while we raised our children. I started that in 2001.

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But it grew to be too much for me. I blamed the fact that I was sitting at my computer all the time on my workload. The truth was that I was too tired to get out of my chair and face my housework. My lifetime of minor skin issues, with a few flareups, turned into a massive case of eczema, coupled with chronic fatigue.

Looking back, I can see that I was depressed, although I never would have labelled myself as "depressed." But when you feel like you can't face your life, the housework starts to pile up, and you are in pain all the time, it's depressing! And it becomes a vicious cycle.

Head to toe, fingertip to fingertip, I was covered in angry red patches. My neck, eyelids, and scalp we're even covered. It got worse. My skin started to crack. And peel. My hands we're so swollen and painful I could barely use them for years.

Washing a sinkful of dishes meant slathering in Vaseline, covering my hands with cotton gloves, then snapping latex gloves over the top. My skin was protected, but the pins-and-needles pain was still excruciating.

Traditional Medicine Failed Me

"Didn't you go to the doctor?!" you're probably yelling at your computer screen about now. I did. I went from a family doctor to internal medicine to blood work to a dermatologist to skin biopsies to allergy tests to an allergist, an immunologist, a rheumatologist, and finally back to "the best" dermatologist in town. They all shrugged their shoulders at me and said, "You have red, itchy skin. Good luck with that."

"The best" dermatologist tried "his best," and his final answer for me was "we can put you on a shot, every week for the rest of your life, to suppress your immune system." That was certainly not going to happen. I have an immune system for a reason!

I gave up "traditional" medicine, and went looking on my own. I researched and tried probably a hundred different natural or homeopathic cures. I learned a ton along the way. I suffered a lot more.

I also found out, through comparing some new lab work with some old lab work that my thyroid had been underactive for at least fifteen years. That would explain the fatigue and brain fog!

My body finally got to the place where I was reacting to anything and everything I put in it or on it, even plain, organic coconut oil. In my desperation, a friend who had been patiently trying to help me finally just got blunt. "Just try this," she told me.

I Found an Answer

It was doTerra's Lifelong Vitality supplement.

The first morning after taking the supplements, I felt better. The next day was even better. On day three, the inflammation in my hands began to leave. Then the redness started to fade. Within another day or so, my wedding rings, which had been uncomfortably tight for years, we're suddenly loose.

I could bend my fingers again! I felt like getting up and cleaning my house!

I felt like someone turned the switch back on, and I was alive again!

All my symptoms of thyroid disease, which had plagued me for fifteen years, we're gone in three weeks.

Six weeks after I started on Lifelong Vitality, in January 2012, my daughter began training for a 5K. I decided I ought to go for a walk. For so long, just the trip to the mailbox wore me out.

I felt so good, I decided I ought to take the dog and the kids with me. That felt so good, I decided to jog. (I have always hated running!) I could only jog for a few seconds at a time, but it felt great. I decided to keep running.

Then I decided I ought to train for the 5k as well! 60 days later, in March 2012, I ran my first race. My time was under 39 minutes.

My daughter and I after completing our First 5K, March 2012. I love being healthy again!

By that point, my skin was 95% better, all my inflammation was gone, my house was in order, and I had spent more time playing with my kids than I had in a long time. I felt like a new woman.

My friends and neighbors we're noticing the change in me, and started asking me for help. Before long I was running around doctoring the whole neighborhood with little sample bottles of doTerra Essential Oils. Insomnia here, ear infection there, colicky baby, colds, sore throats, tummy aches.

I had been using the doTerra oils on my own children for nearly a year, and seen nearly miraculous results. When people started asking where to buy doTerra oils, I said, "from me!"

I love watching people try the oils for the first time. Their eyes widen. "Wow! That's powerful!" is a common response. Then they are shocked that their sinuses open, their lungs open, the pain stops, you name it. They get relief from problems they have suffered with for so long, and they are sold.

My Mission

To make a long story a little bit shorter (yeah, right!), I want to help other women. I want to help those who have struggled in vain, looking for a way to cure their children or themselves from something traditional doctors have promised they can only "manage." Manage!

I believe our bodies are created to heal themselves.

Think of cuts and broken bones. Like magic, with no effort on our part, the body heals them. Why is it any different for bigger problems, like eczema, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, weight issues, brain disorders, depression, or hormonal imbalance?

My answer, born of all the "wisdom" of traditional medicine, all my searching, and ultimately becoming healthy not just free from symptoms, but REALLY HEALTHY is that it's not different at all.

When you give the body the proper tools, IT WILL HEAL ITSELF. Can I say it again? YOUR BODY CAN HEAL FROM WHATEVER IS AILING YOU, if you will embrace the process and have faith in it.


September 2012

To that end, I am in the business of helping other women. I want to help you to become a healer in your home.

I want you to be empowered that you are no longer at the mercy of the germs at your kid's school, whatever bug or plague is floating around. I want you to have, in your home, the simple, beautiful, natural health care that you can use to bless your family.

Financial Answers

And if, like all the rest of us, you live in a world of paychecks that disappear into thin air before you can even touch them, coupled with rising expenses for the basics of life, and you want to earn more to support your family, please join me.

Whether you're looking to start a new business, or you need to make the one you already have more profitable, I discovered the smart way to work. Any busy woman needs to leverage herself to make a home business possible within an already packed schedule! I have aFREE 7 Day Video Boot Camp to get you started.

Health Answers

It's not your fault that you're sick and tired, that your kids are always sick, or that you hate spending your "discretionary money" (HA) at the quick care. There is a better way!

You can reclaim your health, get your family healthy, and contribute to the family's bottom line, all at the same time!

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