Is Diarrhea a Sign of Pregnancy?

Every expectant mother goes through a lot of changes in their body with a child growing inside them and this can be a lot to take for most of them. This is because the hormones produced during pregnancy tries to accommodate survival needs of both the mother and the child at the same time. This can therefore result in several variations in symptoms and body activities.

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Can diarrhea be a sign of pregnancy?

Diarrhea can be a common symptom during pregnancy, more specifically at the earlier stages. This is because the accommodation of the child interferes with almost all body functions of the mother. This spreads up to the digestive system where it can either slow down or be sped up by these variations. In a situation where the digestive system has been slowed down, the pregnant woman can suffer from constipation. This is featured with dry bowel moments that can be so difficult and painful depending on it's severity. On the other hand, if the digestive system speeds up you end up getting light and watery stool. In other words, not all pregnant women catch diarrhea but it is so normal if you catch it during your pregnancy. Other digestive related reasons that can lead to light stool during pregnancy include:

- Drinking too much water due to frequent thirst and dehydration

- Change in taste of food leading to alteration of normal diet

How long is a Diarrhea Period during Pregnancy?

Like any other symptoms, diarrhea is normal if doesn't persist. In other words, it is a passing symptom and should not be experienced for a very long time. Scientifically, the body should adapt to the uncertainties leading to diarrhea during your pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to contact your physician as soon as possible in case you are experiencing a serious and persistent diarrhea.

In conclusion, for this commonly asked question; is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy? I wouldn't actually agree. This is to say, diarrhea can just be a symptom during pregnancy but it doesn't mean that any lady suffering from lose bowel moments is paged. It is therefore important to test for pregnancy in case you suspect you are experiencing pregnancy signs. Diarrhea can catch any Linda, Mary and Jane but that does not mean that all of them are having a baby.

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