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At Trelawny Dental Centre, we know that a healthy mouth is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our dental procedures are aimed at ensuring that we can give you a vibrant, functional and healthy smile. We take pride in our ability to help you improve your overall health.

The experienced and friendly team of dental professionals at Trelawny Dental Centre, Mississauga pays special attention to your comfort, and takes the time to explain your dental healthcare needs.

Your comfort is our interest! Children’s game equipment, massage chairs, personalized television sets, and flexible appointments ensure that all our patients are well treated. Relax, have fun, be comfortable. This is our promise to you. Call Trelawny Dental Centre, Mississauga and book your appointment today!

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Will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

We are always more than willing to answer all of your questions and concerns. In addition, our team is highly skilled and committed to education and excellence in dentistry.

We assure you that our dental healthcare professionals at Trelawny Dental Centre, Mississauga, are highly skilled clinicians. We are committed to education, and are continually learning and expanding our knowledge in all areas of dentistry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with a healthy smile and excellent service. Meet the experienced team of dentists and specialists that strive to ensure that you receive optimal oral health care.

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"Quite simply Dr. Sonya Kapoor and her staff
deliver a truly outstanding experience at the
Trelawny Dental Centre.Dr. Kapoor is a gifted
dentist who is professional and genuinely cares
about her patients. She brings a "new school"
attitude to her practice which is very refreshing.
Thanks to Dr. Kapoor our children have
developed a good attitude to "going to the
dentist" ...they actually love going to Trelawny
Dental Centre as they walk away with friendly
care, balloons and a toy. I highly recommend
Dr. Kapoor's practice!

  - Guilherme, Mississauga .

"Friends told me that tooth extraction was really
painful and that the discomfort would continue
for almost a week. I was very reluctant to schedule
a procedure when Dr. Kapoor recommended
extraction. I was really worried about extracting my
tooth but the Trelawny’s experienced dental team
made me feel comfortable and they made the
procedure almost painless. I am happy to say the
modern techniques they used not only had me
spend less time in the dentist’s chair, but I hardly
felt any pain both during and after the procedure.
I would recommend Trelawny Dental Centre to my
family and friends."

    - John, Mississauga.

"The dental team at Trelawny is extremely friendly
and caring. They always make me smile, and go the
extra mile to make me comfortable at each visit. I was
reluctant to get braces, but Dr. Kapoor suggested
Invisalign clear braces to me. No one knew I was
wearing braces, and I am absolutely thrilled with the
results! I have recommended it to my friends and
family!" "

   - Shaina, Mississauga.

"I used to be TERRIFIED of the dentist and neglected
my oral health for years. I finally gained the courage to
go to the dentist, and I'm happy that I did. At each visit,
I am greeted by wonderful staff, and the dentists at
Trelawny have done a magnificent job in restoring my
oral health and confidence. They are all patient, friendly
and informative. I also whitened my teeth and now I
can't help but show them off!"

   - Emily, Mississauga.

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Reasons to Select trelawny dental?

Here at trelawny dental we do take being a dental office incredibly seriously. We recognize that any time clients are looking to obtain a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale they prefer the ideal. Therefore continually attempt to be the slickest dental office we can be throughout Ontario. It truly is our devotion to really staying the best that has gained us all truly great honor here with each of our clients.

Being a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale we all furthermore invariably aim to take the time to respond to each of our clients issues with great patience and with absolutely no waiting. We always go to the trouble. We believe that it is extremely crucial to make certain clients feel truly appreciated and looked after.

Certainly, there truly are not too many dental office who have the skill set coupled with background to market their service as being front runner of their industry. Merge that together with our high level of buyer support and we certainly feel we absolutely are the finest special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale inside Ontario.

Want to get moving?

All this starts with a phone call.

Call 905.785.7100.

We will be happy to examine your dental office requirements in depth over the telephone or through email in case that works better for your needs. Following that we can easily recommend the solution that best fulfils your present needs. See just why people today describe us as the very best special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale!

Continue to Need Persuading? All the Outstanding Reasons trelawny dental is certainly A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale

Commitment to High-Quality - A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale and A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale

Our commitment to high quality is definitely incredibly excessive. Should you be endeavoring to be a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale or a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, there is certainly truly not one other route but to really do your very best to exceed expectations. If perhaps a specific buyer demands additional time, we all offer that buyer further time. Almost anything for us to be certain they are very happy with us as a dental office. Never forget, we support virtually all of Ontario, and so you should email us.

Devotion - A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale and A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale

Our customers have indeed described us all as a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale and furthermore the greatest Ontario situated dental office you'll find! That will not just happen if you're lacking incredibly hard labor along with persistence for the customers and then the quality found in your product. If perhaps you might be shopping around to get a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, all of us honestly feel that we're honestly the very best pick. Simply call trelawny dental to look at the needs you have ASAP! 905.785.7100.

Skill - A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale and A Special Cosmetic Dentist In Meadowvale

Within almost any landscape, skill certainly is a crucial aspect in relation to overall results. If perhaps you will be searching for a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, then that is definitely far more true. As a dental office, all of us will certainly tell anyone categorically how the quality is defined by the practical experience of the firm that you're employing. The undeniably significant volume of knowledge that trelawny dental possesses in being a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, is the reason anyone should really entrust all of us with your business. In case you're shopping for a special cosmetic dentist in Meadowvale, consider trelawny dental. Definitely communicate with us straightaway.

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