Life Is A Matter Of Perspective

Either you complain because roses have thorns or you rejoice because thorns have roses.

I know, I know. So cliche! So like a forwarded text message. But admit it, this cheesy quote does have a grain of truth in it.

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Cancer. Car wrecks. Lightning bolts. The Wrath of God. Zits. You really think you can stop any of these by being negative? You think your ranting, cursing and blaming antics can hinder things with B-A-D spelled on them from ever getting to you? Seriously?! So you think you're invincible, yeah? Time to trigger the alarm and wake up to reality!

Okay, let's say you've reached a certain maturity (congratulations!) and have accepted that unfortunate things do happen whether we like it or not. That's just how the world works and how life is anyway. You win some, you lose some. It doesn't mean though that all you have to think about are the B-A-D!

When you think bad thoughts you actually drain the vigor in you. It is an utter waste of time and energy where you could be thinking happier thoughts and doing better things. Just think about this: An hour of sulking can already be an hour of cleaning out your closet. Scratch that out. It's too good to be true. Let's try this: An hour of sulking can already be a time updating your checklist or doing No.1 on your To-dos for the day. Better? Yeah, I think so too. It's morewell, human.

Another case: Tears of misery, especially with dialogues like " why me?!"; "I don't deserve this! I'm a role model employee!"; "I need some money! I need those stilettos!" is bullshit compared to REAL tears. Say, like those generated from a really good romantic movie like a Hugh Grant or Jennifer Aniston flick, particularly when you're alone at home and pigging out on popcorn. Now listen guys. This can be just my example and not exactly in real life, okay? I have to make that clear. Anyway, going back, it may be just a romantic illusion of fairy tale endings, but it serves your tear duct a better purpose than crying because you have a selfish, shallow "me against the world" drama. In case you don't know yet, tears won't sprout dough out of your purse nor would it solve your problem. Even traffic enforcers very well know this.

Its hard to stay preppy when you've gone over to the Emo side. It's exhausting! And while you could still probably function while thinking about slitting your wrist or overdosing on sleeping pills, you're not going to be anywhere as effective as you would be when happy, optimistic or determined. Whichever way you look at it, the positive always outweighs the negative.

Hold on Let's not get too carried away by the vision of perfection, alright? Being positive and not taking the negative to heart are not equated to ignoring all the bad things. This in no way promotes being in denial. This promotes the simple idea that if you're doing something, it is beneficial to think that itll succeed. A winning attitude, baby . That's what it is. You walk around expecting failure at every turn, you walk around blind. Given that, you wouldn't even try.

Many people stop short in achieving their potentials because they think, they believe that they CAN'T. Whether it's a business venture, added work responsibility, job application, or a possible promotion, they let go of opportunities. Attitude is all that it takes to differentiate grasping, holding on and letting go.

I remember one of Meredith's Grey narratives in Grey's Anatomy where she said (in Ellen Pompeo's husky, self-assured voice that can put anyone in the OR to sleep): "even the biggest failure, even the worst, most intractable mistake beats the he'll out of never trying". Now, that's what I call an Attitudewith a capital A, an oomph and a swagger!

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