Best Ways of Avoiding Procrastination

I know you are looking for tips and a little magic to help you in avoiding procrastination. Well guess what it isn't! Sorry to disappoint you. The reason for this post is I recently read a great post by Susanne Myers on overcoming procrastination . It really got me thinking. I have really struggled with this.

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Can you procrastinate with four kids?

Absolutely! As you know I have four kids ages 9 down to 2 (in two weeks). Often I have found my time is not my own! I am cleaning, feeding, changing, laundering, others!! My husband is a great help but I like to have time to myself and I must admit working is not always what I want to do when I get that time. SoI procrastinate! I put it off until later. Sometimes later never comes.

Does that sound familiar to you?

Today I started my day by making a really long to do list (I am writing this on Oct 11th). It is now 7pm the kids are watching a Disney channel show online, my fabulous husband is on the floor clipping coupons, my mother (who has been visiting for a few weeks) is on the couch reading a book. Here I am with my laptop writing a blog post. Out of sixteen things on my list I have finished ten things. Not to bad. This has been a good day. Some days I cross off only two to three things off my huge list!

How do I stop avoiding procrastination?

You have to find moments and use them. Since it is quiet right now I have decided to write this post. If you haven't read the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy you must. The whole concept is do what you want to do first thing. Get it over with and out of the way. I have learned recently (I should have learned it sooner ) that if I don't get up and exercise right away I will not do it or I will not do as much as I would like! I dread it!! I can't stand it!! I don't want to do it! I feel like a little kid and want to throw a tantrum, stomp my feet and yell "I WILL NOT GO!!!" That is not pretty coming from a 34 year old mother of four!! But guess what? If I get up and put on my workout clothes and go out walking right away. I love it! It is the best part of the day. I enjoy listening to a book on my ipod and a whole hour of quite!

Today I Ate the Frog!

Last week I did great I exercised. I canned 30 quarts of peaches. I picked raspberries at the raspberry patch and then made eight pints of raspberry jam. I did some videos for some blog posts. What I didn't do last week was write! I didn't write but one blog post! This was not good! I had done most of the work already but just couldn't sit down and write! So today the first thing I did, (even before exercising) was write three blog posts!! It felt great. I was done with the "hardest" part of my day, early! Now here I am writing a random blog post, one that I didn't plan.

Best ways of avoiding procrastination.

It is very simple and I think Nike said it best "Just Do it!". Just eat that frog. Do the hard things first. It really makes you feel great!

PS. Go buy the book Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy! It is a short book and you will not regret it!

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