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Most mental disorders are more common than one may think, and some of them have unrecognizable symptoms that may not be noticed until the illness has progressed substantially. Mental disorders in individuals can be physically and mentally trying for a family. In order to better cope with a friend or family member suffering from a mental illness, it is important to educate yourself and know which warning signs to look for in adults and, even more importantly, young children.

Adults / Pre-adolescents

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Sudden mood swings

Many adults suffering from a mental illness will become sad, irritable, angry, and other extremely high or low emotions and will switch between these emotions very suddenly. Frequent outbursts of anger and defiance of authority is also a warning sign of a possible mental illness.

Irrational and confused thoughts

The person may express confused thoughts and excessive fears, worries or anxieties that may seem irrational. This could also come with prolonged depression and social withdrawal as a result of paranoia or social phobias. This depression could result in loss of contact with many friends or family members. Some pre-adolescents may also have an intense and irrational fear of weight gain.

Dramatic changes in habits

Some individuals with a mental illness may present signs of odd sleeping or eating habits, whether they be excessive or not eating or sleeping at all. They may also show signs of delusion or hallucination.

Suicidal thoughts and inability to cope with daily activities

A person with a mental illness might deny any of these obvious problems, and may resort to substance abuse.

Unexplained physical ailments

This is an important sign to keep an eye out for. If you see any unexplained bruises, cuts, etc. on a person that could be suffering from a mental illness, find a way to prevent it immediately. They could end up seriously hurting themselves.

Young children

It is especially important to look for warning signs in young children as they can be treated earlier to prevent them from getting progressively worse as the child gets older.

Changes in school performance

The child may show odd behavior in the classroom such as hyperactivity, trouble concentrating or poor grades despite strong efforts to do schoolwork.

Excessive worry or anxiety

The child may express an irrational fear of going to bed at night or going out in public (school, store, etc.), and may also show signs of persistent nightmares.

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