Rebuilding Families

I'll never forget meeting her. I was dropping the boys off for their weekly visit when a women about my age walks through the door. It was hard to tell who was more uncomfortable at that moment her or I. There we're no words exchanged only quick glances. I stood there only long enough to see her face light up when she set eyes on her children and greeted them. In that moment the huge smile that came across her face showed how much she loved them and my past perception of bio families forever changed.

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We started taking steps to connect our boys with their mommy and during that time found ourselves connected to her as well. Below are some of the things that helped us and 'our' boys form a stronger bond with their biological mommy and ease reunification.

  • We would send the kids school artwork for them to give their mommy during their weekly visits.
  • We sent photos of the kids in their day to day activities. This helped their mommy feel more involved.
  • We sent gifts (kid made) for mothers day and other holidays.
  • We exchange phone numbers and let the kids call to tell her how much they loved her and give her updates on what's happening in their lives.
  • We invited her to attend the the boys school Christmas play. While she was there I took pictures of her with the boys and had it framed which made a great Christmas gift for her.
  • We met her at public restaurants on holidays so she had extra opportunities to spend time with the kids.

We had the boys for over a year, when it was time for them to return to their mommy. By that time not only we're her children more connected to her but we had formed a family relationship with her as well. We knew she had been drug free for over a year, doing the best she could and we knew how much she loved the boys. Although we felt a great loss with the boys leaving our home we have to remember to be thankful for a family who has a renewed hope for a good life.

The women I was once uncomfortable in a room with brought light into my life not only through her children but also through seeing her work hard to rebuild her family and provide for her children. Although the loss of our boys was extremely painful once I stood back and realized all God had done to rebuild this family and open our hearts to her the tears faded and joy filled it's place. For the parents that still have a fighting chance wouldn't it be so much better if they had one more person teaching them how to parent appropriately and encourage them. Wouldnt it be great if they had you! God entrusted us to take part in the rebuilding of these lives and these families. With an open heart, the love and encouragement we give our children and their parents we can make a difference one family at a time.

You maybe working with a biological family who is not showing the improvements they need to and I understand how tough that is to take. Try taking a moment to understand where this parent came from and know that they are probably doing the best they can and loving the only way they know how.

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