Last Sunday I decided that I wanted to go vegan, meaning I would not eat...

Last Sunday I decided that I wanted to go vegan, meaning I would not eat any meat or fish, dairy products, or eggs (basically nothing with animal products in it). I made the decision mostly due to a professor I have that taught us about sustainability and the moral treatment of animals. I have a lot of reasons for going vegan, but rather than bore you with a rant, check out this video by a vegan activist I learned a lot from.

So what did I eat all week?

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For breakfast every day I would eat a different granola or protein bar from Whole Foods (they have a set up where you can take one bar from a box), along with a Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness smoothie. I bought a big container of it and would only drink 8-10 ounces a day.

For lunch I would eat either salad from Olivia's organic collection with vegan Ceasar dressing or a vegan frozen meal like vegan Mac and cheese. As you know from my weekly schedule post, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class until 3pm, with no break for lunch, so those days I would usually only eat a piece of fruit, some nuts, pretzels or veggie chips.

For snacks I ate chips and salsa, nuts, veggie chips, raisins, pretzels, hummus.

For dinner luckily my college has a vegan only station in the dining hall. I would either eat what they had to offer or a vegan option from another station. The tofu stir fry was definitely the best.

If I wanted dessert, I would either have a non dairy ice cream bar, fruit, or a Popsicle.

For days that had to be on the go, like a beach day on Saturday, I would eat fruit for breakfast, a meatless chicken pattie, chips and hummus, and raisins for lunch. I also ate out on the weekend with my family, and got a veggie burger one night and vegan Chinese options the other.

In total for this week I spent $75 at Whole Foods, but that was mostly due to the fact that I bought stuff that will last me a while, like my snacks, and I bought $8 broccoli that I didn't eat.

My biggest struggles with being vegan include the following:

1. Still wanting meat. I'm not gonna lie, when I see chicken or beef I want to go and eat it, but then I remember all the suffering, torture, and end of life for these animals and it becomes a lot easier to resist. I'm hoping my desire for eating meat will be less after the 21 day mark.

2. Consuming a lot of carbs. Part of me hopes to lose weight while being vegan, and right now I'm eating a lot of pasta, rice, chips, and other grains. A lot of vegans claim to gain weight when they first start because of these changes. This week I am going to focus more on eating fruits and vegetables.

3. Family relationships. Because I am a vegan mostly because of the immoral treatment of animals, it is very hard for me to sit back and be quiet when my family members or friends are eating animal products. I have been doing a lot of preaching, which I don't like, but right now I am at a very emotional part of my "vegan life", so hopefully I can learn to accept people for the life they have chosen as they accept me for mine.

I'm not sure how long I will stay vegan, but I do know that right now I can't see myself going back to eating meat or other animal products. The biggest thing that will help me, I think, is meatless meats, because they will give me the illusion of eating meat, however I will not actually be eating animals. I will post again at the 21 day mark.

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