A Few More Random Things to do this year

  • Schedule a Family Portrait Session!!! Our last one was 2 years ago now!
  • Reorganize my personal photos and make yearly photo books
  • Take at least 3 family trips (I already have 2 planned!)
  • Connect more with some of my oldest & dearest friends (miss you Jenny & Trena!)
  • Renovate the Basement into our new Master Suite50s houses just don't have room for a modern family of 5
  • Attend a Photography Workshop to stay inspired (first I need to narrow it down)
  • Add things to my completely empty Etsy Shop (yet another business venture for me)
  • Get started on some of personal photography projects (shooting for yourself is very important!)

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What kinds of things are you doing to make this year fabulous? I'd love to hear all about it!

Cheers to getting our lives in order.even if we lose steamits always great to get back up and start again! 2012 is going to ROCK!!!

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