It's not always easy.

I will start by saying, I have a large heart. I'm very unorganized at times, sometimes I'm not running on time. Sometimes I don't get it right.

But I have a huge heart.

I want every one of my guests to have a wonderful experience when they come into the salon. The feedback I get is usually always good. To my knowledge I haven't had anyone that has been unhappy thus far. When I come to work I put on my " game face " in spite of all of my life matters. (Which right now is a lot.)

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You're probably starting to wonder why on earth I'm telling you all of these seemingly useless details.

Get ready. Get set. Go.

It's because you always have that handful of " guests " that are all about themselves. It's their way or no way. It's tantrums and passive aggressive text messages and phone calls. Often times I wonder if they know if they come off the way they do. Truth be known, I don't care. I really, really don't.

Those people will always and have always been in society. No matter your profession I know that you know what I'm talking about.

If you are like me and always wondered if anything would change the way they act concerning their selfishness. Well, I have an answer. Nothing will.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer. I have two kids. I run a business. I forget to return their call and guess what? Yep. You got it right! They are upset.

Oh well.

This particular post is to encourage you. Don't get wrapped up in trying to please everyone. Do your very best. Then try to do it better. Be nice. Love people. Eventually when the bad guests realize you treat everyone equal and that you aren't Jesus and have the capability of performing perfectly they will leave and you will be left with the ones that make youwantto come to work everyday.

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