Five Reasons to Stop Eating Sugar

A decision to quit is a decision to take control, to get real nutrition, to feel better, to lose weight, and to heal illness. It opens up limitless possibilities.

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1. Taking control

What could be worse than being a slave to junk food?

Here's how I know I used to be enslaved to junk food. I needed it every day. I should have been able to stop eating it for a day or a week or a month, whenever I wanted to.

I can't imagine any other food I couldn't go without for a day. It sounds more like a drug than a food, doesn't it?

I didn't have control over it until I decided to take control.

Then, by giving up sugar, I gradually got control over my eating. I got control over money, too, by not wasting money on junk food. And I got more control over my emotions and my health.

2. Deciding for nutrition instead of junk food

You know how you keep trying different kinds of junk food? I always felt like I was looking for some kind of satisfaction from food that I could never find.

I loved the excitement of the food at restaurants but it always lacked something. Home-made food was a little better from that standpoint but was boring.

It turns out that nutrition doesn't have to taste bad or sour or bland. You might be surprised.

"Superfoods" delivered surprises to me. One surprise was finding that something that had always been lacking. That turned out to be nutrition.

3. Feeling better

Wellemotionally, sugar makes you nuts. So there's that.

To be fair, it's not just sugar but all the stuff that goes along with itcaffeine and MSG and other food additives.

It's weird how we think sugar and caffeine and junk food help us cope with stress. In a very real sense, the opposite is true. Those substances are the stress. That became very clear to me after I turned to real food for energy instead of to junk food.

Physicallyhow much better can you feel with normal blood sugar, normal adrenaline production, and a normal immune system?

4. Losing weight

Most people lose weight when they stop eating sugar. I did, without being technically overweight to start with.

Weight Watchers has done everyone a terrible disservice. It's given people the idea that sugar can be part of a serious weight loss program. It can't.

5. Healing illness

I once read that no one ever recovers from serious illness without changing their diet.

I'll blog more about that in the future, but for now I'll just say that at the time that I read that, I didn't know what to make of it.

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